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Julius Pastorius
, son of jazz legend, bassist Jaco Pastorius, is a fine drummer who plays in his band with brother Felix and friends in South Florida. He excelled as a sketch artist at an early age according to Ingrid, his mother, and could draw three dimensional images at the age of five. He is currently interested in painting and enjoys working in oils. Julius can also play guitar and other instruments which he may not admit to. He can do it all! The name of their band if you are out & about, is "Way of the Groove"... Check them out!!!

Lanet is a traveling gypsy of an artist who has lived in the North, South, East & West of our country, all the while painting the "Colours of Life". The song was based on her life as she grew and changed through the years. Lanet is Amber's mother, was married at 16, and had her first child at 17, a child still herself. She enjoys painting in acrylics the most, but also sketches & has been known as a sculptor who's statues have remained at Yavapai College's campus in Prescott, Arizona for over 30 years. Lanet met Rob in Florida where they attended class together.

Nicole Falzone is a drummer, singer, songwriter & is dyslexic. Maybe you have to be all of these things to draw on an Etch-A-Sketch screen like this!!! Nicole's art has been featured on car commercials & in art museums as well a coffee a table book called "The Playmakers, Amazing Origins of Timeless Toys" She has also appeared on the Jay Leno & Letterman Shows.

Rob drew the picture at left, his masterpiece in Grade school.. notice the cop car & helicopter are on their way to a crime scene!