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The Sketchin' sessions spanned over a two year period beginning in Pasadena, California, Capitol Records in Hollywood, on to Miami, Florida and ending in the fall of 2004 in New York and Connecticut.

The idea was to bring an unusual blend of East and West Coast fusion and jazz players together for an unprecedented recording of some of the best musicians of an era.

Having lived on the east coast (Washington, D.C. and Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale) and then moving to the San Diego/L.A. area, Rob Whitlock has been influenced by the music of each of those regions.

These songs were written and produced by Rob with those influences and each of these gifted musicians in mind.

Also featured on the cover is an original drawing of Rob on an actual Etch-A-Sketch screen. Artists with this unusual skill are rare. Visit the Artist's page for a closer look.

This cd is enhanced with an original short movie by Amber Whitlock with artwork by Julius Pastorius & others.